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Administration - a ministry responsible for managing the affairs of the ministry under the direction of the Executive Administrator, keeping the vision before the body while building momentum and implementing procedures that improve efficiencies.

Dorcas Ministry - a nursing ministry that serves the our leader and pulpit guests.

Jubilee - a liberated youth ministry using modern dance steps to express their love, joy and freedom in Christ.

Karar Dance Ministry - a prophetic, interpretive dance ministry which incorporates liturgical, jazz, african and mime, proclaiming the oracles of God through Warfare, Worship and Praise. Karar Jr. Dance Ministry - (Ages 4 - 15)

The King's Men - a powerful Men's Ministry fostering healing, deliverance and nurturing. The King's Men meetings are designed to provide a forum for expressing daily challenges and drawing from the strength of others' experiences as well as receiving spiritual guidance and mentorship.

Missions/Outreach - a ministry to reach the masses abroad with a focus on building orphanages, schools and places of worship while establishing crops and livestock in Africa and Haiti also outreach to the local community meeting the whole needs of individuals to include group meetings, counseling, food, clothings, etc.

Music Department - a ministry that is responsible for preparing selections (Traditional/Contemporary/Prophetic) that lead the congregation into a place of worship and praise and prepare the hearts of the people for the word. This ministry also compliments/supports the speaker.

Rhythm Warriors - a ministry of movement which incorporates chants, songs, scripture and declarations as expressions of encouragement, victory and liberation.

Samach Cheerleading Ministries - a unique ministry comprised of youth and young adults from H.O.G.M. that have been commissioned to inspire, motivate and encourage the people of God through cheers and movements with a poetic flair and smothered in a very special anointing from the Holy Ghost.

Shepherds Care - a dedicated ministry to care for the Senior Leadership of the Ministry

Women of Holiness Integrity Power and Prayer (W.H.I.P.P.) - a power packed Womens Ministry assisting women, both young and seasoned, with the tools necessary to recognize, reach and operate in their full potential regardless of their past.

Young Miss! - a spiritual life skills ministry to teach young women character, integrity, confidence, love and the importance of hard work in ministry and life.

Soon to come - Marriage Ministry, Senior's Ministry, Single's Ministry

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