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The Late Apostle Herman Eugene Bibbs, Sr.

R. O. T. B. Ministries has survived the many attacks, and trials of ministry. Through Apostles leadership the R. O. T. B. has ministered to the city by radio, powerful tent and church revivals, and Rhema Release (a conference that was held once a year in the month of October throughout the nineties.) Rhema Release became a tool to bring ministers and musicians into the city of Birmingham to bless the people. It was an outreach ministry that has touched many communities, programs that fed the hungry, clothed the naked, and minister to the young. In 1998, the church facility was totally destroyed by tornado and in the early part of 2000, Apostle was physically attacked with kidney failure. With Gods help through it all, the ministry has survived. Now with a new resilience, he presses forward. With a gift from his daughter, Leanita, of a kidney in 2007, the work of the medical science community and most of all the power of prayer, he has recovered to do a greater work. Because of much consecration and prayer, failures that have become stepping stones to success, successes that become a source of encouragement for the future and a promise from God that the latter shall be greater the former, Apostle presses on. His dedication to further educate himself has afforded him to receive a Master of Theology degree from Jacksonville Theological Seminary May 26, 1996. Later in early 2000, he received his PHD from Tabernacle Bible College in Tampa, Florida. The continuous studying of Gods word has made him a most sought after speaker, Evangelist, Teacher and well respected Pastor. His wife of 41 years, his children and now grandchildren help him to minister to world. Surrounded by a faithful group of pastors and ministers, he endeavors to carry the gospel to the masses and strengthen the body of Christ.

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